Shirley L. from North Carolina:

Just wanted to say that from all the many studies I've done on CBD oil, yours is up there at the top in my opinion. I got tricked into ordering from a site claiming the same as everyone else, but their product was crap, received no health benefits, and they wanted to charge me $94 monthly for their product!! There's no telling exactly what I placed under my tongue (the thought of that still scares me even though I only tried it a few times). I'm pleased to tell you I purchased your 500mg brand in cinnamon from the cute, little charming shop called Lured that had set up business in a recently closed gas station and I have to say I was totally blown away. It actually worked!!! I could tell it was working!!! I just received back surgery Aug 5, plus I have a host of health troubles like fibromyalgia, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and a knee replacement gone bad, etc., just to mention a few!! I'm not elderly, I'm only 53, but found your product actually works and I can tell because it helps take the edge off of my anxiety. I go to a pain clinic and my NP is totally ok with me using CBD oil for my pain, rather be on that than medications any day!!!

Michelle Y. from North Carolina:

I am so thankful for pet CBD oil. My 13-year-old cat has stage 4 kidney disease and was on death’s doorstep, on lots of meds from the vet, and not eating for several days. We started giving her your pet CBD oil and she started eating again and is doing much better because she has her appetite back and I think it’s helping with her pain!! We give it to her every morning now. Thank you!!

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